One Step Forward

We aspire to change. We keep thinking about the magic moment called change. We work towards change, day in and day out. We need a change now, the change that brings a Value, Belief, Prosperity, Home, Peace, Intellect, Esteem, Freedom, Success, Quantum Leap, etc. Every one of us is longing for a change to happen in our life, but only very few of us are really changing our life. The Secret to change is the "one step forward" that we take towards change, from the state of pain to the state of power. That one step, Neil Armstrong took from the known to the unknown is globally celebrated as "One small step for man, One giant leap for mankind." That is the power of one step forward that we take from the familiar to the most unfamiliar walks of life.

Everything around you remains the same; it is your approach towards it that provides you with lot of opportunities.

Change is a constant, but is that constant, your desired change? For many, constant change is a failure, but for very little the constant change is success. The model of their mind to achieve the desired change is to take one step forward from the barrier to their best at the times of test. The five strategies used by those successful people to break their barriers are shatter the inferior feelings about you, Change the approach towards the world, Overcoming the "F" factor called fear, Get rid of the limiting Belief and last but not the least "Dont quit."

Mostly, we feel inferior about our physical appearance, lack in skill sets and by comparing ourselves with others. If you are a kind of person who feels inferior about yourself and lack in motivation to move forward, let me provoke your thought with few questions. Have you ever thought why you are feeling inferior about yourself? Why should you feel inferior? Is there anything existent that you cannot achieve? Do you know how special and unique you are? Believe that anything and everything in this achievable and attainable. When someone can do what you think is impossible, why cant you? Even the word impossible has a possibility as "I am possible." If you dont have the required skill to achieve what you desire, act on it instead of cribbing that you dont have it. What you dont have today will become yours some day if you just believe in yourself and persist with your efforts till you achieve your goal. Respect and admire yourself as you are a very unique and special creation of god. The physical appearance what you have, the personality what you have, each and every moment that you live from your birth to death is very special and unique as it is given only to you by the Almighty to accomplish a specific purpose. No one can replace you and your role in this entire universal set up. Just realize your specialty and celebrate yourself.

Everything around you remains the same; it is your approach towards it that provides you with lot of opportunities and innumerous choices which changes your life for sure. If you find a clock broken, what will be your reaction about it? If you think it is broken and useless, your approach towards it is negative. If you think it is just broken, your approach towards it is neutral. If you think it is has to be replaced then your approach is positive. There are very few people who think that though the clock is broken, it shows the right time, twice a day. This is the most optimistic approach that we need to unlock the opportunities which is available everywhere.

There is a myth that "Opportunities knock the door only once". But I would say opportunities lie at your door step day in and day out. It is unto you to open the doors for opportunities with your frenzied positive approaches for your desired changes to happen. Everything around you is an opportunity to learn, unlearn and relearn. Your life will change when you just change your approaches towards your life.

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The worst fear that every one of us experience in our life is the fear of death. Fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of losing and every fear that one experiences, will have the hardcore rooted at the fear of death. The worst thing that can happen to you is your death. When you die, you are not going to live and when you are living death is not going to come. Death comes once, then why should you fear? Your fear ruins your happiness, peace and achievement in all your walks of life and it spoils your character, personality and quality of living. Get rid of the "F" Factor called fear. Fear hinders your progress. Break your fear and move forward to the new horizons of life.

DEvery one of us has a territory map to our mind, body and soul. We feel comfortable within that territory and we dont even realize that the map is not the actual territory called reality. This limiting belief inhibits our divine potential to pursue the best out of our life. Imagine there is a territory boundary drawn around you which is your most admired and appreciated comfort zone. That is the zone filled with all your "feeling comfortable", being familiar, feeling secured, being known, trouble-free, more confident, and highly achievable. In the middle of that comfort zone, you feel like the king of the world, living life king sized. What will happen to you, when you move towards the edge of the comfort zone? You will feel unsecured and the fear of transcending from the known to the unknown will increase the adrenaline rush. You feel like getting life back when you settle back to your comfort zone.

Trust me, we have been living with varied comfort zones like this from the day, we reached this planet. We believe that this is the maximum that we can deliver and we limit ourselves within a comfort zone at various stages of life. Realize! Every age has its own comfort zone that you had not in the past. It is growing and it keeps growing till your death. Dont expect best results to come through your routine efforts. You will get only the routine results by doing your routine work. The best will come only when you decide to take a leap from your familiar zone to the unfamiliar zone and it will take you to the next heights of successive successes.

In my dictionary, there is no word called failure. Failures are the imperfect attempts that we make towards a perfect destination. It is a transitional stage from emptiness to completeness. It is the journey from the unknown to known. It is that most valued one step forward from the state of pain to state of power. It is an opportunity to understand, learn and to rectify mistakes. You will get struck in between if you are not persistent in your efforts and people will call you a failure, but I will say you are on the way towards your desired destination. All that you need is to take "one step move forward" from known to unknown without quitting. Stay positive and persist with confident and consistent efforts until you hit your goal for sure.

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