Post-COVID Lacklustre Lifestyle

The tenacity of the humankind to transcend the test of time is being ruthlessly ravaged by the ravenous rage of the novel coronavirus. The world is yet to concoct a drug to counter the virus, and the relief of a vaccine is not in the vicinity either. “Scientists fear that it may prove impossible to produce a working coronavirus vaccine and believe the world may have to simply learn to adapt to the permanent threat of COVID-19”. [1]

COVID-19 has jolted industries, businesses, educational institutes, and the travel & leisure sectors into a sudden halt. Yet, the world strives to stride ahead with an unrelenting spirit of defiance which is triggered by its innate instinct to survive. The pervasive channels of technology have become the primary weapons of this warfare, bringing offices and classrooms to the very living rooms of all concerned stakeholders. Travel is reduced to video calls, chatrooms, and online conferences; and leisure has boiled down to balconies, rooftops, virtual games, and movies on television.

A superficial glance of the sequence of events invokes involuntary applause to commend the dexterity of mankind to ensure unhampered progress even in the face of this stark adversity. This is the presently forecasted foundation and backdrop for the lifestyle that is envisioned for the post-COVID scenario.

The pandemic has already exhibited both the positive and negative peaks of the global response to its unprecedented impact. The ubiquitous media is exposing international stature and statistical projections in real-time to almost the entire world. People witnessing the facts have nothing to be surprised about and have slowly yet surely realized that things might not get back to the earlier state even if the pandemic might subside.

The immediate understanding in light of the facts is that social distancing is likely to become part of people’s lives. This would mean that large gatherings will not be allowed, entertained, or even desired anywhere shortly. Even coming together with friends might trickle down to a drink over a call on a Video App.

During the lockdown period, corporate and government stakeholders would have realized that they can be as productive as they were at the office even while working from a computer at their homes. Further, the affordability and easy availability of interactive office features like internet connection, chat windows, screen sharing software, and cloud facilities have empowered even home PCs and mobile phones to acquire the status of official equipment. These revelations, coupled with the need for social distancing, are catalysts that are bound to boost the work from home (WFH) culture to become the new normal going forward.

Enhanced and inevitable hygiene conscious in all that is done is another important development that the Post-COVID Lifestyle will witness. As already evident, personal and environmental hygiene has become and will continue to be one of the topmost priorities in all walks of people’s lives. No more will the nations venerate their developed peers for fining people who spit in the public, as it could become a global norm.

In line with some of the oft-quoted facts like “Necessity is the mother of invention”, “Challenges create opportunities”, and “Life will find a way”, the human race shall certainly survive this pandemic. The question in the process is whether the situation would be tamed to establish the norms or if the situation would tame to dictate the norms. Either way, it is an opportunity for the mankind to assess itself with due humility and make apt amends to its lifestyle in the best interest of the entire world.



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