“The distance between those who achieve their goals consistently and those who spend their lives and careers merely following has everything to do with one’s ability to go the extra mile.” — Gary Ryan Blair

A “GEM” stone is something that is very precious, durable & stands out of all jewels. It has a high Unique Selling Proposition (USP) because of its nicheness. But, unless the rock is worn down under pressure, cut & extracted, it’s difficult to bring out the best version and prepare a shining GEM.

Similarly, in this fast-paced era, to become a “GEM” stone, it is important to “Go Extra Mile (GEM)” which is the key to accelerate one’s action in achieving the goals set. It’s a firm commitment to oneself, and a willingness to go above and beyond the expectations. “Go Extra Mile (GEM)” is the simplest, easiest & the best prescription to be an asset to any team.

Let me prescribe you a Six-PPAACC GEM (Going Extra Mile) Rule to become a “GEM” stone, the best version of yourself!!

#1 Passion: Identify your area of interest & develop passion, which is a priceless fuel to accelerate your speed to keep moving forward to achieve your goals.

#2 Performance: Give discretionary effort to X-Seed your performance beyond the expectations set, to achieve individual goals in an enhanced manner.

#3 Agility: Inculcate the agility and drive to constantly learn by cross-skilling, upskilling, re-skilling, and expert skilling yourself, thus leading towards becoming a shining “GEM” stone.

#4 Accelerate: Stretch yourself beyond your perceived level of confidence to accelerate your own success.

#5 Consistency: Be consistent to excel in your area of interest. Consistency is the key to achieve success.

#6 Courage: Be courageous to keep moving forward during challenging & uncertain situations.

The above Six-PPAACC GEM (Going Extra Mile) Rule prescribed will be the secret of your energy to carve yourself a niche as a GEM.

So, are you ready to be a GEM?

Reflect & Reimagine Yourself….

Best Wishes,

Dr. R. Gayathri

About the Author

Dreaming big has brought rewards on a platter for Dr. R. Gayathri, Manager of Talent Management at KONE India, Chennai. In addition to having a University Rank during her MBA & having received a Doctorate in Human Resources Management, she is also the winner of the “Phoenix Woman” title in the Ooruni Foundation’s Working Women Achiever Awards 2019, Chennai. She is a passionate HR Leader with over 14+ years of cross-cultural experience from leading corporates in BFSI, IT & Manufacturing sector. Dr. Gayathri is a prominent Keynote, Motivational Speaker & Social Media (SoMe) Influencer amidst student and industry forums and has delivered over 1000+ guest lectures, speaking to young minds.

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  • Well written article Dr Gayathri.
  • Very interesting viewpoint- good guideline for all professionals interested in going up the career ladder.