The Olympic Mindset - How to compete and succeed in an Era of Super Achievers!

What is an Olympic mindset?

Olympic mindset signifies:

A pioneering spirit, an executive temperament that values curiosity, ambition and adventure. It is a state of mind that is keen to redefine the style of play to match the dictates of times; to achieve personal growth and professional effectiveness, and a hallmark of great character.

Setbacks and challenges are an integral part of our lives. While many of us tend to feel victimized or depressed, a notable few bounce back energetically with joy and press on with their lives unfazed. Their courage in the face of defeat and commitment to pursue their passion, exemplifies true character.

An anaemic mindset: Contrasts the above individuals with those who demonstrate quite the opposite.

Physically disabled athletes recover themselves only to re-enter the game with a renewed vigor. Vijay Amritraj, the god of Indian tennis, shared at a TiE conference in Chennai, that his mother inducted him into tennis to help him stay healthy. Rolex advertisement hails him as a Himalayan achiever.

Politically victimized prisoners of war, take their misery in their stride and spring back into life to light up the lives of the others. Viktor Frankl, the Social Psychologist emerged from the Nazi pogrom to become a prolific author and a social reformer.

Economically disadvantaged minority citizens team up together and assert their rights to freedom and livelihood everywhere in the World. US is a Nation of immigrants from every race and walk of life who resolved to elevate their livelihood purely by their own spirit of personal enterprise.

Socially displaced communities find a savior in the likes of the late Nelson Mandela who campaigned peacefully but tenaciously against the apartheid policy that, his own jailor wept in admiration on his demise.

Terminally ill patients put up a valiant defense and live everyday of their lives meaningfully.

They struggle to find the right balance between their self respect and respect for public good.

As terrorists, they demonstrate a volatile temperament. In their quest to win at any cost, they fight to finish, destroying the very fabric of the society. Price wars and professional deceit are an example of terrorism in business; it points to an inability to explore creative alternative options.

Tourists, by contrast, are in a constant search for safety that they escape at the slightest hint of adversity. They concede the ground needlessly and fail to assert their rightful dues. They feel miserable because they have nowhere to go to and get nowhere in life anyway.

Hostages demonstrate a resigned temperament and make peace out of convenience, not out of conviction. They lead a life that may be unreal and unfulfilling.

Pioneers stand apart as fully functioning and effective individuals. They exercise their power of discretion with utmost care. They are conscious of the consequences of their choices and respond imaginatively to diverse situations at the defining moments of their lives. However, tempting it may be for them, they choose to stay informed, seek to test their mettle and stake their claim, by fair means, to their rewards in life. Pioneers are Olympic mindset personified.

Why develop an Olympic Mindset?

All of us evolve along three axes of life.Read More

Stage: Life stage evolution denotes our graduation in life from childhood through adulthood to our autumn of life. None of us have a choice in the matter and are obliged to respond to the dictates of nature and mature gracefully.

Status: Given to day dreaming as we all are, we like to achieve all that we aspire for in life. Our attempt to elevate our lifestyles is an endless pursuit. We keep striving to uplift ourselves no matter what. We are afraid to stand still for fear that we may decline. Obviously, we do not want to let that happen.

Stature: In order to progress as fast as we can, we accelerate our competencies. We aim to achieve a lot more with a lot less and even more quickly. We take on roles that offer the potential to tap fully into our genius and help us achieve peak state performance, all through life.

To compete and succeed in an era of super achievers, we are obliged to ask ourselves:

Do my daily decisions and actions support my targeted run rate for personal growth and professional effectiveness?

How can Olympic mindset help make a tangible difference to myself and my community?

Imagine our everyday life to be a One Day International matches. If the life stage was to define the limited overs and the lifestyle was to dictate the asking rate of growth, what should our targeted run rate be? That depends. Our run rate is determined by our commitment to play and our confidence to hit. When we are committed and confident, we hit fours and sixes. When we are undecided and doubtful, we are content to stay put or play for quick singles.

Question: How many singles, doubles, fours and sixes will define our success in life?

What can the Olympic Mindset do for me now?

If you are a student, how would you like to start your life with absolute clarity about your career goals and be confident to undertake the challenges that await you on Day-1 as you begin your work-life!

If you are an educationist, can you imagine transforming the mindset of people and developing a set of achievers with a peak state performance mindset! If you are an executive, how could you compete globally and succeed in your mission to set, meet and beat the standards of professionalism and distinguish yourself as a World-class champion in your chosen field of vocational pursuit!

How will I know if I have mastered the Olympic Mindset?

  • Explore with confidence. Taste that spirit of adventure to go where one may have never been before. Keep testing your mettle because you are keen to bring out the best in yourself.

  • Experiment with inspired curiosity to discover the unknown. You like to win a large stake by a small margin than be content to win a small stake by a large margin.

  • Experience the fulfillment derived from your passionate pursuits. You feel good whenever you compete for the impossible and succeed in making a series of small but lasting difference to yourself.

  • Exhibit creative self expression and come alive refreshed at every moment of life! You know that every time you succeed, your best can be bettered and are always eager and willing to play for more.

Olympic mindset is a mind game. Cultivate your Olympic Mindset by deepening your commitment to play and reinforce your confidence to hit. Are you ready to be a Super Achiever in life?

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