Why it is Important to Lose Before you Start Winning

Why it is Important to Lose Before you Start Winning

Everyone wants to win.

Everyone wants to be successful; everyone wants to fulfill their dreams, and everyone wants it to be a quick and easy journey. But the reality is that you need to lose many times before you start winning, you would need to overcome obstacles, challenges and need to make many sacrifices to win…… and here’s why.

This would never be taught in any school, college or university, in fact they will prefer not to cover this anywhere in our education system.

What they don’t teach you is, to be successful how to cross a bridge. It is a very shaky rope-bridge swinging heavily side to side, this bridge is specifically designed to throw you off, but you need to cross this bridge at any cost if you want to go from where you are today and where you really want to be. Your reality reflects your Vision and Goal.

In this article I am going to share three most important lessons that will help you to cross that shaky rope bridge…. not easily but definitely.

This is the only sure shot way to get to where you want to be.

Lesson #1. Your Dreams Demand A Better Version of You

“If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.”

  • Thomas Jefferson

Your vision should be unique. In fact, nobody’s vision would be same as like you. Your imagination, your ideas, your dreams and your aspirations would make you unique among your peers.

The reason why your aspiration is unique to you is because you have been built to achieve it. If you were not built for it, you would not have seen or felt it. But there is a catch, the people around you will never see the vision what you see and hence they will unknowingly try to derail it or even worse convince you about their vision of what you should be. And most people borrowed someone else’s dreams and hence they never spend time and effort on their own and end up living in regret.

If you want to start winning, then stay away from the following things at any cost:

I. Bad Habits: The battle for success starts from within. The one who wins over self can win over anything. Success demands discipline and discipline is built by habits.

If You Build Your Habits……Then Your Habits Will Build You!

Over 40% of everything that we do on a daily basis is a driven by habits. Make sure you keep a check on the habits you are unintentionally catching on to. Everyone already knows which habits are good for them and which are not.

The real test lies in if you are really working on them. Start building Positive Habits.

II. Derailing People: Surround yourself with people who encourage you to be a better version of you. People who are open to listening to your ideas and most importantly be with people whom you learn from on a daily basis.

The book Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill refers to this as “The Power of Association”.

It has been proven over time that you are the average of 5 people whom you surround yourself with. If you feel you don’t have such people around you, then surround yourself with books. Books can teach you a lifetime of real lessons that most certification courses will never cover.

III. Negative Environment: Success loves speed. Stay organized.

“For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned,” –Benjamin Franklin

Create an environment that helps you to be more efficient and productive. Your environment is also a reflection of your work ethic.

Sort your wardrobe, move out unused junk, stay clean, change your sheets, organize the files on your computer, set rules on your inbox to clean out junk and spam automatically. It is always the easy stuff that we ignore but if done right and consistently will clear your mind and help you get the results you are chasing.

Lesson #2. Is Losing More Powerful Than Winning? You Decide.

Are you still with me? Then let’s take it up a notch.

Let’s do a quick comparison on why Losing is more powerful than winning. You will see it for yourself that even when you lose you are actually still way ahead of the rest. Here’s why…

And the list goes on….

Do you see where this is going?

I would like you to be the judge and decide, which is more powerful.

The one’s who have gained self-control and have built the right habits will always win no matter what situation they are in.

Lesson #3. In Every Adversity Lies an Opportunity

The last but most important lesson that will help you cross the shaky rope-bridge is your mind or better yet your mindset.

Think about it, most of the readers would not have come this far in this article, now that reflects their mindset……but you have stayed on and invested your time in learning something today. This short article may not have taught you something new, but you are reading this to remind yourself of what is important for you to achieve your goal.

The mind is where it all matters and that’s exactly what am covering here. 

I had once read somewhere that only 4% of the world’s population owns over 96% of the world’s wealth, and that’s not too far from the truth, is it?

It is a fact, only because winners see an opportunity where others only see adversity. Where others see a challenge, winners see it as a change to grow, where others see risk winners see the reward.

Building a growth mindset is essential to be successful in today’s economy. Academic credentials without a strong mindset may get you a job but may not guarantee it for a lifetime.

There is only one thing that guarantees growth and prosperity………. Learning.

Be open to learn and expand your perspective. Be prepared to bow to a mentor. Be willing to take risks. Be brave to chase your dream.

Aspire to be a life-long learner…. It will guarantee your Victory!

These 3 lessons have been my biggest learnings and are helping me cross that shaky rope-bridge one step at a time every single day.

You will stumble, you would lose your grip, you will cut yourself and you will be bruised. You simply have to decide if your vision, your goal is worth the pain.

Because with every step that you take you are paving the way for the next generation to believe and follow. With every broken plank that you cross you are proving that it is possible. While your palms bleed from the tight grip on the rope you are showing grit and letting others know that the pain is temporary, but the results are permanent.

So… what do you choose? Winning or Losing?

About the Author

Dharmesh Suryavanshi is the Founder & CEO of Mind Map Factory, he is also a digital evangelist who has conceptualized and launched over 8 brands since 2017. Along with guiding students to get the right career direction, Dharmesh today also helps business owners to design the best-fit branding and digital strategy to skyrocket their venture.

A trainer and ideator at heart, Dharmesh has 18+ years of global experience working with some of the biggest Fortune 500 brands at leadership positions.

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