Bathroom Architecture – Well begun is half done

Bathroom Architecture – Well begun is half done

Neuroarchitecture is the study of the practical application of neuroscience in built space and the impact of design on the human brain. Neuroarchitecture shows us that the interiors of a place can impact our minds in various ways. This is the reason we should pay special attention to the design of special places.

Have you ever wondered that our bathroom is the place where we began our day? The interior of the bathroom plays a vital role in setting up our mood for the day ahead. And at the same time, it is one of our most private chambers.

That’s the room where we roam around the way we were born. That's the place where our mind becomes free as a bird. A well-furnished bathroom with elegant furniture, beautiful colour combinations, and even lines inspire our creativity. That's the case, most of us find important solutions and creative ideas whilst taking a shower. The bathroom soothes our bodies and revitalises our minds.

Bathroom: Psychological Impact

But imagine a bathroom with dim lights, darkened walls, and a bathroom floor covered with plankton. How would you feel?

Instinctively, it will trigger creepiness, confusion, stuffiness, and anxiety. Bathroom design and décor impact our moods in more than one way. This in turn impacts our thought process; our thoughts decide our actions.

Most of us take our bathrooms for granted. But it is our artillery that arms us with a fresh body, clear bowels, and a positive mind. Even psychological and physical therapists agree that a relaxing shower can relieve bodily and mental stresses, instantly. In a nutshell, bathroom decor is much more important than we think it is.

Bathroom Decor: Start your day with positivity

To make the most of your bathroom time, you need to invest in the design and construction of your bathroom.

A beautiful bathroom with even lines, calming tones, and organised cabinets is truly bliss. It not only relieves you from unwanted fuss but also saves a lot of your time.

Hiring an interior designer can be very helpful for people staying in space-challenged metros. An interior designer is aware of the lifestyle of the clients. They can provide bespoke solutions for your bathroom interiors per your lifestyle and occupation.

But if you're not looking for professional help but still want to revamp your bathroom, here are some easy ways to enliven your bathroom:

  • To make your bathroom look spacious and breathable, always keep the ceiling white especially if it's a pint-sized chamber.
  • For a medium-sized bathroom, keeping the bathroom furniture at a minimum will make it look breathable and easy to clean.
  • Always paint the bathroom in earthy or pastel tones. If you want to match it with the rest of your house walls, even then pick a lighter shade of the same combination.
  • Light colours need minimum light arrangements, they make tiny spaces look bigger, and are easier to clean.
  • Keep the bathroom faucets and showers glistening by cleaning them weekly.

These simple tips will surely help you start your day in a better way. Paying attention to having a well-designed or a neatly maintained bathroom may improve your attention to detail in work too.

If your bathroom is shining, you will feel like singing!

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