Vision Boards – Your future in your hands?

Let me start with a small conversation I had with my daughter, last year. She is now pursuing her favorite course in her dream college.

Sandra: Amma! You remember the vision board I made when I was in 10th Standard?

Me: Yes, that drawing right? Why are you talking about it now?

Sandra: Amma, I am in the same university college now, so vision boards really work.

[I am Surprised!!! as I really don’t recollect the contents of the vision board. I thought it was one of her artworks - collage]

Me: I didn’t know that it was your vision board. You used that wooden Ludo game board as the base right?

Sandra: Amma, you didn’t know about vision boards?

That started my real journey with vision boards. I had read about them but never thought of putting any effort towards them until the above conversation happened. Starting Jan’23, I also made a vision board in my diary and kept on working towards my goals. It did work to a good extent. So here I am presenting you more details on how to create your own vision boards, which works. In fact, you can control your future to some extent. Now, that sounds interesting right?

What are Vision Boards?

Vision boards are a collection of pictures arranged in a way to help you visualize & manifest your goals. This can be done in physical or digital format.

In simpler terms, they help you to be clear on your goals and be motivated daily. It’s proven that visualization has similar power like executing a physical action and it improves the chances of success.

Steps to create one for you:

1. Self-reflect and find what’s your important goal in the current year with respect to different segments of your life – College/Office/Personal/Family & So on.

  • E.g.: - Some of the goals may be
    • Get a job.
    • Complete a certification.
    • Good Health.

2. Now search for the related pics in newspapers/magazines/stickers/take printouts.

For e.g.: - If you want a good physique, then get a picture of someone you adore – celebrity/fitness model. Same for any certifications. This picture will remind you about your goal whenever you look at it.

E.g.: - Related pics

3. Get a A5/A4 thick sheet of paper and paste the above pics in the way you love. You can write down small captions (if needed), but mostly the pics should be self-explanatory.

E.g.: - Related pics

4. OR create digital vision board using vision-boards option in

5. Paste/place your vision board where you can see it daily – in your room or on your laptop. This is the most important.

Does Vision Board really work?

Vision boards bring in clarity and helps us visualize all our goals but finally hard work that we put towards each of our goal is what matters. Without hard work, just by looking at vision board will not do any magic. So, am concluding with the below quote:

About the Author

Smitha Jacob Kandathil is a Program Manager with 17+ Yrs. of experience spanning across Program Management, Technical Management, Product & Service Development. She has been working with cross-functional multicultural teams sized 20-60, delivering multimillion-dollar programs. My certifications include PMP, PMI-ACP & Scaled Agilist. Apart from my professional role, am a Solo Traveler | Himalayan Trekker | Volunteer for Govt Initiatives – Polio Immunization, Elephant & Lake Census.

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