Get Back Soon

Raj hasn’t saved anything for that rainy day, not even his job. His phone kept pestering him to recharge, so that he can save his dignity in the society. Bedevilled by the IVR’s cross talk instructing him to press various combination of numbers, he awaited to get connected to the HR for his interview results pressing them. Before he completed introducing himself, the same HR who was all ears during the intro session in the interview, disconnected the call with “We’ll get back to you”.

WrrrrrrrrunnnnG! The phone beeped in horror and the backlight shut off. The phone service provider cordially asked him to recharge in all caps. Then landed the food delivery app, commanding Raj to order the best delicacy in town along with an authentic middle eastern sweet before they go cold or get sold.

As he stared at his thin purse, the phone came alive. The screen showed a company’s name whose offer Raj had neglected long ago with a “I’ll get back soon” response. After a 30-second internal war, Raj picked the call before it disconnected. It was a telephonic interview again. In a while, Raj smiled as he was offered the same job with same package again.

This time, Raj was clever to accept the offer with all humility, so that he can pay off all his mongers and recharge his phone duly (and save his dignity). All his digital wallets were hungry, munching on his phone battery and data in the background. Raj relaxed on his EMI couch and wiped his head with his EMI hand towel. He was to join in a week’s time and found the days long and draining all his energy than those busy days earlier.

Raj started texting all his connects that he was placed finally. Closing his eyes, Raj got drawn into the day he lost his job. It was again a rainy day. Raj reached office early to avoid the mad rush (at the HR’s table); it was a big day at work (yes, you guessed it right).

The floor was all bitten nails, and puny hairlocks of the senior flocks; the air was filled with appraisal tales.

Raj’s nails too joined the club on the floor. He pretended to be relaxed, but he was counting his contributions to the organization all through this cycle. His eyes rushed through the tedious projects he worked, the team he handled, the escalations he managed, the problems he solved for the clients, the appreciations he received, the holiday incentives, and the comp-offs for working on weekends etc.

All of a sudden, Raj had a buzz on his inbox, beckoning him to the HR’s desk. HR passed a lucky-draw like slip towards Raj that bore the words, “We hired you through walk-in interview. We are sorry not to have time for your walk-out (exit) interview. Taken aback, Raj asked for an explanation with all humility.

HR said, “Our newly installed automated employee tracking system finds that your Cabin Time is way too less than your Cab time + Coffee Time”.

Raj learned the truth, unlearned faith, and relearned how to cope.

Raj laughed aloud (in his mind) and got ready for his new job to face new situations and people.

Just for laughs and gags…

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