Beautiful words called "Testing and Quality"

Testing, a beautiful word to utter, and a word that brings in smile, happiness & satisfaction. The word that means a lot in the real world. In the world of software, "Successful software depends on a thorough and extremely attentive verification and validation". Testing is not a routine process its a constant exploration of methods and an evolution of good ideas.

The beauty of quality lies in the development and testing of the application/ product with a process of continuous learning with main focus on all aspects of the business, so that we can ensure the business develops the best products for the customers

To the world of business its a commitment, a promise to be kept every time we deliver without compromising on standards.

Can we imagine buying a product without a "Quality Tag"? The quality tag is an assurance or rather a commitment of confidence that the product will function according to its functionality.

A non-tested product results in customer complaints and commotions. Uncertainty and distrust will be a strong feeling in the customers whenever they go out to buy or when using the product of that brand. Business owners run the huge risk of going out of business when quality and standards are not met.

With the advent of testing a new world of happiness, prosperity and peace came alive and "Quality" was born. With "Quality" becoming the mantra of every product produced, people became more at rest and confident in using the product and anything they buy. The confidence in company and the product which rolls out of their factories rose to a level where business in general became more easy and profitable. The business world on the whole became more disciplined and manageable. We go beyond learning just about the automated applications so we can help the business think up and prioritize the right features. The modern Thumb Rule - "If you keep your customers happy they will keep you in business". Today, the business scenario has changed completely from where it has come from leading to a sense of awareness among buyers and a sense of responsibility in the business owners to deliver a quality product which is a positive and a prosperous sign for the economy.

The Advent of Testing in Software

Software Testing came into existence in 1960s in an unstructured manner, but it was the beginning. The obvious reason of the birth or rather the need for a testing came because of lack of established standards of software engineering practices.

Poor design and regular hardware upgradation left many types of software in-effective and thus a strong need arose in the industry to produce faster and highly reliable softwares. The requirement of Software Testing along with the requirement for equipped engineers increased with the increasing dependency on software.

Software Testing originated to address the issues listed below:

1. Enhance the processes,
2. Increase the reliability of product,
3. Deliver a quality product,
4. Deliver in time

To Sum up –

Testing has come a long way from where it has started with "Quality" taking a pivotal role in the products and it is the mantra of the hour. If the product or service is not in standard or rather there is no quality service then we are out of business. Manufacturers and business owners offer different methods in order to serve their customers better. BPOs and Call Centres have emerged and grown as an industry providing employment to people. BPOs and Call Centres work round the clock in order to serve their customers better.

Indirectly, quality has paved in as a catalyst of growth and prosperity to the world. Product Developers and Business Owners focus on quality-driven delivery and serve better. In the present world of software, importance to "Quality & Testin" has become the ultimate word of value, promise and commitment. With the world moving towards newer technologies like Cloud Computing, web applications, smart phones, online shopping, e-commerce, online banking with strict regulations have given rise to a whole new world of testing. The usage of internet has become the integral part of our life with the customers demand and expectation growing bigger. So, we cannot imagine a world without "Quality".

So, the words "Testing & Quality" are not only beautiful but also hold importance for our very existence.

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