ESDM – The Game Changer

Electronics industry has been rapidly emerging as the largest industry, having its role in every sector of the financial system. The GOI considers electronics hardware manufacturing as one of the mainstays of Digital India and Make in India schemes, and hence binds high priority to it. The foundations to implement the programs in order to create a viable indigenous ESDM value chain has been constructively established under the guidance of the NPE 2012 (National Policy on Electronics 2012). Hence, India focuses on pushing ESDM industry’s growth in the country.

After an in-depth stakeholder discussion, the National Policy on Electronics 2019 (NPE 2019) was framed, with a vision to making India a universal hub for ESDM with emphasis on exports through encouraging and steering the skilled human resources in the nation for developing fundamental components, counting chipsets, and making an empowering atmosphere for the industry to contend internationally.

In order to empower the nation in ESDM skills, the MeitY (Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology) has proposed a scheme to be rolled out to impart non-formal skill-oriented courses that could go on advancing in accordance with the industry needs, according to the wide-ranging parameters:

These courses are designed, evolved, and recognized by ESSCI/NIELIT/TSSC. This program could also include the standard courses delivered at government training institutions. These courses are to be delivered through ESSCI/NIELIT/TSSC recognized/accredited agencies or institutions.

These courses are to be aligned with the objectives of NSQF (National Skill Qualification Framework) and delivered in modules from Level 1-5. All courses will adhere to a standardized training process recommended by ESSCI/NIELIT/TSSC.

An expert committee has been constituted by DeitY, which will propose several courses to be delivered under the programme.

The programme concentrates on augmenting the skilling capabilities in ESDM segment across public and private sector for students/unemployed youth of other subjects by:

Making use of the those that are pursuing studies in schools (IX standard onwards)/ITIs/Polytechnics/UG Colleges (non-engineering) and the school dropouts/unemployed youth through offering them with added skills that are recognized by industry for employment in ESDM sector.

Encouraging new industry-wise investments in training in ESDM sector.

Such initiatives of the GOI will certainly widen the economic inclusivity band by creating opportunities through skilling the youth of India.

India has been a nation of progress and will always continue to march ahead as a land of growth.

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