Human Doctors Vs Artificial Intelligence

The most expected futuristic potential for artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare domain is coming to realization, connecting with key operational and clinical aspects to enhance patient care. It is very clear that Covid-19 speeds up AI’s involvement in healthcare domain.

Will artificial intelligence ever replace human doctors?

Some key reasons why A.I. won’t replace doctors and never will.

Strength of Human Empathy

Even if AI powered technology will offer intelligent speedy solutions, it cannot “mimic empathy”. In the core of empathy, there is the vital process of building trust: listening to the patients, paying attention to their medical needs, expressing the feeling of empathy and responding back, ensuring they understood. As a human, we always need doctors holding our hands while discussing about a life-changing disease diagnosis, therapy and their overall support system. An algorithm-based AI system cannot replace that.

Non-linear Intelligence

In the real world, setting up a disease or alignment diagnosis and treating a patient are not linear processes. It requires problem-solving skills in non-linear working Intelligence, which AI systems will never have. Even though diseases have the same features, degree of lifestyles differs from person to person. So, every one of them requires some kind special attention of human doctors.

AI needs doctors

No AI system could clearly interpret complex, multi-layered disease challenges, while they provide the data & clinical evidence-based treatment options, whereas interpretation will always remain a human terrain. Nonetheless, it’s only doctors together with their patients can choose & finalize the treatment.

AI can never perform some tasks

Doctors, nurses and other support medical staffs have plenty of repetitive tasks to complete every single day, these tasks can be automated using AI systems. There are some vital responsibilities and duties which AI or technologies cannot perform first aid life saving procedures (Heimlich manoeuvre).

Imagine the possibility of doctors with problem-solving skills combined with the infinite computing & cognitive power of AI technology. Going forward AI technology will help healthcare professionals towards delivering a more efficient, less error-prone and more seamless healthcare services.

Finally, it has never been technology versus humans. All technological innovations always serve the purpose to help humans.

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