Social Networks and Blogging Media Trends

Complex technological advancements have made life a lot simpler for the common man. While reflecting on such progress, one cant possibly overlook the influence of social networking in connecting people across the globe. Social media and blogging networks have not only made the world a smaller place, but have also enabled us to seamlessly connect our personal and professional lives.

Social networking has revolutionized the way we live our lives. From sharing albums with friends to discussing socially relevant opinions with fellow activists around the world, these networking forums have given a global platform to voice peoples opinions. The beauty of social networking lies in the fact that anyone can use it. This brings in an opportunity to reach out to different sections of society.

Blogging is a fairly new tool available to writers. In the past too, when social networking wasnt even conceived, the world saw many revolutions steered by the mere power of words. For instance, writer John Locke, in (as early as) the 17th century, brought about a major part of the American Revolution by his writing skills alone. Hence, writing is a powerful tool that can be leveraged to bring about revolutionary changes.

Blogging carries this very idea forward, but has an added advantage – it gives the writer the freedom to write from wherever he pleases. And it is also a great way to reach out to people across the world. Various blogs work with the sole purpose of raising social awareness and bringing likeminded people together.

Time and again online media forums have been used to raise voice against social evils like racism, crime against women, and political concerns across the globe. This really is the beauty of blogging – it helps people to reach out on wide range of issues.

Social networking plays an important role in spreading awareness among the masses. Let us take the case of Malala Yousafzai. Facebook, Twitter and all the other social media platforms helped spread her story across the globe. This not only led to increased awareness, but also triggered mass protests that eventually led to favorable outcomes. She herself has now taken to blogging and is doing fantastic work via her blog. This just goes to show just how powerful blogging and social media is in todays world. A blog has come a long way from being a mere personal journal, as now it has the capacity to make a change in the world.

Having access to social media has turned out to be a blessing for every business trying to find a foothold in todays competitive markets. Social media tools not only give exposure to the businesses, they also help to connect the businesses with the consumers. With pages on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Flickr, YouTube and other platforms, the business is assured to reach out to potential customers.

The minds of consumers can be impressed upon in several ways. However to do this, the business marketing team must understand the trends of social media. Not only does the understanding aid in reaching out to the target group in a better way, but it also helps to understand the competitors strategies. This can be both, a boon and a bane of social media, as everything is open and nothing is held back.

Since the average person spends a good majority of their time networking online, these can be tremendously powerful and effective advertising platforms. From announcing new promotions to launching new products, a business can directly reach out to the target group.

We live in an exciting world where freedom of speech is easily available. And to have technological aids to take this gift forward is an added boon for sure. As a result, we have a thriving presence on the social media. The world has become a smaller place, with several opportunities to connect to people living across the oceans. You do not require a passport and a fat bank balance to see what is happening in South Africa right now. Just log on to YouTube and watch a news clip and you practically be there yourself!

Whether you want to protest, rejoice, advertise or connect, all you need is a presence on the social media. It is very receptive and can be used to drive the change you want to see in the world.

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