The World is Transitioning

The world is transitioning from data centers to clouds, and the questions that arise to many are: what is the future, and how do I prepare?    

The key to success is understanding the pulse of the market, as the last few years have seen a rapid change. While we are still reeling around clouds, AI, or, should it be, ML, comes a full-stack service.  

 A full-stack managed service engineer is a professional with in-depth knowledge and specialization in maintaining end-to-end managed IT services for clients.   In this role, the engineer oversees the infrastructure and the applications hosted on it, making sure the security of the services, reliability, and performance of the end-to-end systems are optimal.   

Some key aspects needed to become a full-stack cloud engineer   

  1. It is important to understand cloud fundamentals, its service models (IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS), and how to deploy them. 

  2. Learn about cloud services. Pick up a provider (AWS, Azure, Google, IBM, etc.) that interests you. You can start with foundational certifications and use LABs to understand the services. 

  3. Lab: Practice sessions to understand system administration skills like configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting are vital. Skills that are needed to manage the infrastructure, like databases, networking, and security automation, can be obtained and tested in the lab sessions available with the service provider.    

  4. For a full-stack engineer, it is?also important to understand service management concepts?(ITIL), usage of incident response, problem resolution, and change control, along with client communication. Also, documentation is important to deliver comprehensive services. 

  5. Stay Updated Cloud technologies continue to rapidly?evolve. It is?important to stay ahead of the curve by reading updates, best practices, and new features. This can be obtained from service provider portals.  

This role is the future of IT services, which provides a comprehensive skill set for today's dynamic managed services landscape. 

About the Author 

Dr Raj C Mohan is a Director- Geography Executive America's Cloud Services, at Kyndryl India. 

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