Analytics - Then and Now!

Almost to the day, 10 years ago, on a summer afternoon, I recall an interesting conversation with a friend about the potential of Analytics, sitting in an empty coffee shop on the beach.

A Mesmerizing Journey on Snow-White Roads

It had been quite some time that I had been dreaming of a journey to Sikkim. I had discussed it with many of my friends.

Lean Startup

“Venture and burn the fingers” “fail, learn and grow” such phrases are stressful motivators that either bewilder the aspirant entrepreneurs to fall for the rat race, or curl them into the closet doing nothing.

Entrepreneurial DNA

Each of us is different, what works for an entrepreneur does not work for others. If we follow some of the best practices, we could fall flat on our face.

+2 Results and the Smog – Clear it All

With +2 results and the smog of mixed feelings, there is a question “what to study”, in the mind of every teen.

Engineering for Entrepreneurship - a few tips

In India, you can find lot of promotional programmes like Entrepreneurial Development Programmes calling engineering students to become entrepreneurs.

Venture Trends 2016

Reading through various resources for this issue on StartUp India, I came across three pivotal pieces of information that have made me write this.

Beyond the Scope

Prof. Sivaraman, Founder of Pie Mathematics Association

Social Media and ROI

Vikas Chawla, Co-Founder, Social Beat

A journey to build

B.G. Venkatesh, Co-Founder, Campustiger

The point is

Siva Sivakumar, Co-founder, CEO & CTO NiMBLE WiRELESS

Entrepreneurial Dreams

Karthik Karunakaran, CEO & Co-founder, Mobius Knowledge services

June 2017
Volume 8
Issue 2

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