Plant Extract Anti-microbial Finish on Textiles.

For the year 2018-19, the Government of India has budgeted Rs. 1.38 lakh crores for Health, Education and Social Protection.

Plant Extract Anti-microbial Finish on Textiles.

Fabrics generally carry various microorganisms which cause several problems to the wearer. The speedy growth in the textile industry has created many opportunities for variety of innovative finishes.

Positive Thinking and Active Learning

It has become a challenging task to change the mindset of teenagers of this generation, it’s difficult even to find out how the stubborn and adamant attitude has seeped into their personality and much to worry is about how and when have they created barriers to their listening and understanding abilities.

New India student championship - The largest learnathon of india.

ICT Academy, a confluence of industry, academia

Analytics - Then and Now!

Almost to the day, 10 years ago, on a summer afternoon, I recall an interesting conversation with a friend about the potential of Analytics, sitting in an empty coffee shop on the beach.

A Mesmerizing Journey on Snow-White Roads

It had been quite some time that I had been dreaming of a journey to Sikkim. I had discussed it with many of my friends.

Lean Startup

“Venture and burn the fingers” “fail, learn and grow” such phrases are stressful motivators that either bewilder the aspirant entrepreneurs to fall for the rat race, or curl them into the closet doing nothing.

Interview with Dr.Baker

Dr. Sahol Hamid Bin Abu Bakar has become India’s first foreigner to head an Indian varsity. A Malaysian of Indonesian-Arabic origin, Dr. Bakar is highly commended by Dr. Abdul Qadir, the Chairman of B S Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science & Technology. “He has run twenty eight institutions and has handled over two lakhs of students.

Beyond the Scope

Prof. Sivaraman, Founder of Pie Mathematics Association

Social Media and ROI

Vikas Chawla, Co-Founder, Social Beat

A journey to build

B.G. Venkatesh, Co-Founder, Campustiger

The point is

Siva Sivakumar, Co-founder, CEO & CTO NiMBLE WiRELESS

June 2018
Volume 9
Issue 2

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