The Invisible Guerrilla

The Invisible Guerrilla

How selective attention blinds people and impacts the marketing and innovation strategy...
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Make a Positive Ripple

Make a Positive Ripple

When we make a difference in others’ life, their hope and certainty towards future move forward. Their standard of living increases and they serve as ...
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5 Dos to be productive in WFH

Experts opine that those who deliver most without or with little supervision are sure to thrive across industries post lockdown....
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Anthem of Indian Souls

India is a fabric of cultures that is vibrant in its spiritual essence. The nation and its people have been inseparable by spirit and patriotism. Ever...
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In Dependence to Independence

Ages back, the role of assistants was to be by the side and serve when beckoned (as long it was a human assistant) and they never attempted to “autoco...
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5 Key Steps to Professional Success

Various studies point to a falling global productivity index from 45-40% especially in IT based companies. A research presents a data that it takes 15...
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The Math Wizard

The demise of John Horton Conway is a terrible loss to global mathematical community and cannot be filled at least in the near future...
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Break the Infection Chain

Considering the outbreak of Covid-19, the Government has been advising to break the chain of infection transmission, doing which the infection cannot ...
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Green Plates for e-Vehicles

The Indian government has approved green license plates e-vehicles. These vehicles are bound to enjoy preferential treatment in parking, free entry in...
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He woke up to a nightmare, yet it was not over. Yes, it was Monday! It was a job of his passion, (instigated and influenced to pick it by so many rela...
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Teasing Vs Bullying

Teasing strengthens relationships as long as the intention is not to hurt someone. It is also a handy tool to express disturbance or irritation due to...
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World Film Festivals

The origin of film festivals can be traced to the rise of film societies and cine-clubs, which sprang up in various countries during the 1920s. ...
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ICT Academy Youth Talk 2019

ICT Academy Youth Talk is a massive talkathon for students to express their ideas and exhibit leadership skills through powerful...
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Youth Talk - Educational Trip

Great leaders are always considered as first-class communicators, they have a clear set of values and they always believe in promoting and inculcating...
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A Few Good Men

ICT Academy, presents A Few Good Men, capturing the bio-sketch of nine leaders from different walks of life: manufacturing, service, movies, corporate...
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ICT Academy Youtube Channel

ICT Academy that augments the nation building through its various initiatives has been creating avenues that cater to quench the knowledge quest of it...
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Grey Matters

we explore how much of the brain a person uses. We also bust some widely held myths and reveal some interesting facts about the brain....
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To Read or Not to Read

If you Google “Reading,” it will throw over 1,830,000,000 results. If you rephrase your search to “Is it good to...
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ICT Academy has continuously endeavored to provide appropriate inputs to faculty members and academia...
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Interview with Dr. Bakar

As teachers, we should accept the fact that we do not know everything in this world. If a teacher does not learn constantly, he will not be in a posit...
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A Toast to Israel

Israel is a country with just one-fifth the size of Tamil Nadu but ranks 3rd in Asia in terms of the standard of living. It’s one of the countries tha...
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Beyond Infinity

I am an Associate Professor of Mathematics, working at D. G. Vaishnav College, Chennai. I Founded Pie Mathematics Association in 2007, and am indulged...
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My Madras - Rafting through the memory

My fascination for Madras dates back from my childhood seventy years ago. In 1935, as a boy of seven living with my grandparents in Ariyalur, then a s...
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Rukmini Devi - The Ace Dancer

People take the art form for a career. In her case, the Indian classical art form “Bharatnatyam” took form in the ace dancer Rukmini Devi who dedicate...
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The Bright 5

There is much ado about 2016, a usual effervescence that evolves every New Year in which every field on earth ponders about something, expects somethi...
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The intriguing question ‘Why English’ is equally engaging as its sibling’s more optimistic version “Why not English?”...
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Technology in "Growth"

Wonder how plants grow?! Yes, through germination. Believe! Inventions grow through imagination. Got a nursery, but hate messing up with changing the ...
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Handling Pressure in a Mahi Style

Is it really worth so much that we stress & strain and lose our health and mind for something that has a diminishing value?...
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Keeping a Tab on Cab

In a country with 1.3 billion populace only 2% own cars. Since owning a sedan in India could cost you around Rs. 40,000 a month....
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Facts on Tsunami

A tsunami is a series of sea waves caused by an underwater earthquake, landslide, or volcanic eruption. More rarely, a tsunami can be generated by a g...
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