HRs New Avtar – Competency Custodian

HRs New Avtar – Competency Custodian

As the HR Intensive Indian IT Industry matures up, HR Function is also inevitably undergoing changes in what is expected out of the function.

Integration of Role Competency with Capability Building

Identification and Integration of Role and Competencies is followed by designing programs to build capability to acquire those competencies. This is usually done by the Learning and Development (L&D) arm of HR Function which may include Technical and Non-technical Skill building Function.

Building a Role Competency Architecture In this role HR has to build a Role Competency Architecture with the following elements.

Human Capital as Business Lever

Such systematic identification and conscious building of capability acts as a potent business lever for gaining market advantage

One of the most important aspects of consideration in Business Proposals is what called "People Readiness " where a firms highlight the Human Capital Value with following aspects which reflects the organisations readiness to successfully take up the assignment:

  • People Readiness Matrix with roles and Skill Proficiency

  • Role Profiles

  • Human Capital Effort Cost

  • Future Talent Capability Enhancement Plan

Given below a sample of extract from a Business Proposal to develop avionic mobile applications presented by Company XYZ Ltd which is a leading Software Vendor and leader in the Engineering and R&D Domain to a Company ABC Ltd - which is one of the world biggest aircraft manufacturer

XYZ Ltd Proposed Team Factory Model Based on the current understanding, XYZ Ltd proposes the following initial team members.

During Knowledge Transfer, XYZ LTD will diligently propose the extended team requirements based on the inflight projects and service requests need. The Dedicated ASM and AD team would be formed at the end of knowledge Transfer Phase. ABC Ltd will give a quarterly rolling forecast of the projects, enhancements and defects prioritization to identify flexi team ramp ups.

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Project Manager, Onsite Technical Lead and Architect will be shared across Mobile Application Service Maintenance and Mobile Application Development. Based on the needs, Mobile Information Trainer from extended team or Architect from Core Team will conduct the workshops and help them on ABC Ltd Mobile Strategy.

Advantages & Benefits

The proposed solution has the following short and long term advantages.

To meet ramp up and retention needs, we will set up a dedicated Knowledge management and Training academy. The current ABC Ltd Academy will be extended to cater the needs of ABC Ltd Mobility. XYZ LTD will deploy an architect (Project Lead level) at onsite, who will coordinate with SN & MP technical team and XYZ LTD team to minimize the technical communication overheads and reduce the time line for solutioning the architecture.

Salient Features of ABC Ltd Academy

Skill Gap Assessment

Individual skill assessment (for all resources dedicated to customer) will be carried out before the start of the program for Gap Analysis between the individual profile and the role requirement.

Tailored Training Inputs

All individuals will be provided with customized training in accordance with the identified gaps. Bi-weekly domain lecture sessions by senior consultants on various topics of aerospace and avionics systems.

Aero specific training

Up to 2 weeks of generic training on domain, technology, tools and process.

Customer/Project specific training

Up to 4 weeks of training on customer specific tools, process trainings

Multi-Pronged Evaluation Process

Consisting of In-Training Assessment and Post Training Assessment. Standard framework to Train, Assess and Certify workforce on different roles they play in a customer project.

Role based certifications

Standard framework to Train, Assess and Certify workforce on different roles they play in a customer project.

Domain Certification

Level 1 – Targeted to cover all employees working in AERO with Introduction of Aerospace and Avionics systems launched in first quarter.

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