Marketing impacts

Marketing impacts

Technology is changing by the moment, so is marketing. In a continually connected world, many disruptive technologies have been influencing the way marketing has been done. Moreover, the change in marketing impacts every individual’s life whether they wish or not. Yes, the industries are evolving rapidly, and have been changing the way they communicate with its customers.

As consumers, we may not be aware of the changes as they happen, but we experience the impact on a daily basis. Here are 5 technologies disrupting marketing and PR right now.

Voice Marketing

Today, many brands are adopting Voice-first marketing approach and are investing in to integrate the technology into their businesses to render their services. This is in concurrence to the introduction and wide reception of products like Amazon Echo (a hands-free smart speaker that you control using your voice) and Google Home (a brand of smart speakers developed by Google) – the voice assistants that are common now.

Impact of Smarter Bots

Further, marketing is moving ahead of simple automatic responses to conversational bots that are capable to communicate and emulate real conversation either through voice or a messaging channel. This is influencing the way brands interact and connect with customers.

Data and Statistics based Marketing

Today’s marketing campaigns are developed and executed based on Data and Statistics; where creativity has diminished to play only a minimal role. This has altered the method of marketing by and large and has driven (mostly consumer-focused) brands towards an analogous look and feel for most promotion policy.

ACS (Atomic Content Strategy)

Atomic content refers to the creation and customization of small content elements. Atomic contents include written copy, images, and video, that can be pulled together to produce visuals, emails, web pages or other marketing materials customized as per the consumer’s actions.

Depending on the complexity of the digital platform you access, marketers can utilize your purchase history, estimate your potential lifetime value to the brand and identify demographic data to create a personalized marketing message tailored to convert you to a paying customer.

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